Free Audio Codes

I have some audioi codes to give away. If you would like a free audio code for one of my audio books then just drop me a message on my website, let me know if you would like a US or UK code and I can send you one over.


Find my facebook page and LIKE it keep upto date with the latest news. Free audio promo codes are available if you like the page and inbox me for codes. Thanks x  

A Queen’s Mercenary – A sneaky preview !

A Queen’s Mercenary – Available for Pre-Order soon. Here’s a sneaky preview. Jack’s words were quiet, and meant for his brother’s ears only. “Do you know what you have done?” Jack’s hands still on Richard’s shoulders pushed him hard against the wall. “Do you?” Richard made no move to free himself from the hold. “Why? … More A Queen’s Mercenary – A sneaky preview !